Late night Pew’s

So I had finished moving my 10+ ships and fittings to my lowsec jump off point and I decided I would go on a roam.

Obligatory lossmail #1.

This was hilarious and good for me in two ways.

First off, Yes that is a tornado. Yes they are a Battle cruiser,  no I am not crazy and finally yes I have a death wish 🙂 there was more to this fight than the lossmail lets on. I found the ‘Nado 100km+ off a novice plex, not sure what he wanted to do there but Fuck it i said, let’s see if we can get him pointed. Warp off from the plex sorta in the opposite way that the tornado was sitting and warped back in at 100 bookmarked this location and warped off in the other direction. Came back to 50km’s off that BM and bam 10km’s off the ‘nado.

Long story short got him pointed, then ran out of point range/almost out of cap and he got away to the gate. Due to aggression timer he was unable to jump through and I found him on that gate waiting. Woohoo, second time dinner here I come. I locked him up this time no aggression from me yet and start flying towards him but not in a straight line (the arty he had would have fucked me up) and he then attacks me. Td’s, point and guns go out on him. Moving out he saw that he attracted gate gun fire and was in a desperate attempt to flee the scene when an Autocannon thrasher comes out of the blue and shits all over me. Whelp that is me all over.

I cannot believe how long i had that ‘Nado pointed for and how effective I could be even only being 3 days old. This has been the first time i have actually been able to judge distances correctly and landed quite near my target by bouncing to bookmarks.

Tomorrow morning, I will write up a more in depth look into my loss and what I could have done better but for mow I will leave with the amazing shot of my shiny explosion.

So close, well not really :P

So close, well not really 😛

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