Loss Reviews: #1-5

Looking back on my first 5 losses, one thing is pretty clear. This is not Null-sec. I gotta get this into my head as I am flying around more. Anyway onto the losses.

Loss #1

Loss #1 was a super quick loss for me. Ran at the enemy got destroyed, sat there and lost my pod as well!

Things I should have done better:

  • Pulled range. My crystals have 14km optimal range. This would have shat over any range the blaster could give him.
  • If I wanted to stay in range and brawl. I should have loaded and used the tracking speed scripts. Blasters have decent tracking as it is, but two TD’s and me orbiting at 1000km’s
    might have given me enough transversal to avoid some of the damage.
  • Pulled my drones out. My drones at the moment are accounting for about ~40% of my damage. This extra bit of damage could have helped.

There isn’t much more that I could have done for this fight. I wasn’t thinking coupled with making the biggest error right off the bat there was no coming back from it.

Loss #2

Loss #2 was one the most fun in this round. Taking on a Battlecruiser was crazy but in the end I really didn’t expect to kill him.

This time I actually did some things correctly.

  • Used Bookmarks to drop in nice and close on him. I  have never been good at making bookmarks and warping into them to pop-up at enemies.
  • Launched drones correctly and quickly.
  • Stayed under his guns. Having both Tracking speed scripts loaded it was a lot easier but he did not land a single shot on me over the entire engagement.
  • Waited for him to re-aggress on the gate and take gate guns. HAHAHAHA, he got down to abou t 1/2 shield as well from gate guns.
  • Followed him out from the gate at an angle. Increasing my transversal making sure he couldn’t land a shot.

Now onto the list of things I fucked up on:

  • Did’t recall my drones after engaging him the first time.
  • Turned off my Afterburner as he was pulling range on me.
  • Completely missed the Thrasher landing on grid at the entrance to the small plex and the gate
  • Didn’t launch Drones on the gate.
  • Allowed the Tornado to slingshot out of my point range.

While this fight did go better than I planned I should have disengaged and warped to a planet as I saw that Thrasher land at the small plex. Going 1v1 against a Thrasher is hairy and having to do it while chasing the tornado was stupid. The main things I learnt from this fight was to watch the ranges and velocities. Doing that I could have seen that he was going to slingshot out and adjust my course.

Loss #3

In this spectacular fail-mail, I tried to jump a Stealth Bomber 30km’s off the gate…

I didn’t even have time to align to anything else. Stupid Gate guns.

Lesson to learn: Don’t fight on gates. They hurt.

Loss #4

This fight was so dumb on my part. There was actually three Minnie miltia members there, The first one was a Slasher that caught my attention. He was about 15km’s off the gate and so I got out to him and  locked him up. I was trying to get him to engage me when both of his buddies arrive on grid. At this point I felt as if I had two choices. First was to continue to play games with this Slasher or secondly to head back to the gate and jump through. I picked the second option, I had made it back about halfway when they all opened fire on me. Dear god. I don’t think I have ever seen my ship blow up so quickly.

What I should have down was burnt away from the gate. this would have meant that if they had shot at me, I would have been further away. Possibly far enough away that they wouldn’t have landed perfect damage. Had they engaged me they would have had to take a lot more gate gun fire to get to me and I could have killed the Slasher and got away (that last part is just really optimistic). In the end I should have learnt that I shouldn’t engage on gates. This isn’t null-sec gates hurt here.

Lesson to learn: Again don’t fight on gate like a spaz.

Loss #5

On the plus side of this one Kill mail + Pod Mail.

Warped into the plex bait ship was sitting there. Engaged and destroyed. Locked and shot the pod as well. Hindsight being what it is, I should have left the pod alone and got the hell outta dodge. But i had tasted blood and nothing could stop me from trying to get a pod kill as well.

Alas the Breacher arrives and swiftly puts an end to my killing streak.


  • If the ship is too easy to kill it’s bait.
  • Once the bait is dead GTFO.
  • Safe up and then look at the KM.

Heading forward

On the whole the first five losses haven’t been that bad and I have been starting to learn more about my ship with each encounter. I can see that I am going to bring in a different fit soon and test the waters with that. I have got a fraps recording of the Battlecruiser fight and of Loss #5. Depending on how I feel  later in the week I may end up posting them here to show you how I fail 😛

Fly safe o7

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